Explore Langues forms a partnership with Right Ink, another company specialising in foreign languages

Acknowledging that translating your website and documentation isn’t enough to grow on an international stage, we have decided to form a partnership with language school Explore Langues to offer our clients a comprehensive range of linguistic services to support businesses in their export projects.


A consistent, quality service from A to Z: a revolution? No, an evolution!


Asking a language school to do a translation is like asking a cardiologist to mend a broken leg!” explains Olivier Thaon, co-founder of Explore Langues.

This partnership will help companies involved in exports guarantee consistency for their sales in all their communication material, whether hard copy or electronic, as well as boosting their ability to negotiate in the language spoken in their target markets.

The goal is to create a comprehensive communication strategy, going above and beyond translation, as far as meeting your clients and talking to them in their own language”, declares Jacob Riis, founder of Right Ink.