Language courses for

Explore, export, and express yourself
Individual courses

If your schedule is very busy, if you must prepare yourself for a trade show or brush up your English before joining a conversation group, then the individual courses are definitely the perfect solution for you.

Group courses

In your offices or ours, the group courses give you the opportunity to share and learn with other students while exploring new horizons.

Conversation groups

Express and explore yourself in conversation groups!

A course that fits your professional environment

A practical, pragmatic and business-oriented approach

Whatever your work environment is, Explore Langues gives your training the right direction in order to satisfy all your needs.

To do so we make a deep analysis of your business and clearly define your objectives!



"Chèques-formation" from the Walloon Region

15€ = 30€!

Available to all companies established in the Walloon region. Please contact us for more details.

The AWEX supports exporting companies

In order to effectively explore export markets, the AWEX provides financial assistance to Walloon companies' sales agents. As an accredited training center, Explore Languages is at your disposal!

The allocation of the AWEX amounts to 1,000 EUR HTVA per year and per company.
In addition, the total limit for all public allocations in the business voucher portfolio is 100,000 EUR maximum per calendar year and per company.


A computer, Internet, headphones and a micro, that’s all you need to try new ways of learning.

Skype courses

We all use Skype for long-distance calls but do you know that it is also a useful tool to imitate commercial conversations on the phone?

Explore Langues helps you to communicate efficiently on the phone with your customers and supplier.